Introduction About Bass Dots

Bass Dots is a friendly, refreshing approach to learning bass, both for beginners of bass-guitar and beginners of reading music. It combines a clear text, a spacious, easy to read format, and a comprehensive set of exercises dedicated to the bass clef.

“There is a story behind each note; a name, a family, a history.

“I believe that our musicianship is shaped by our connection with each note's story. I've compared stories with many musicians over the last 40 years. Evidently this connection affects the way we think about playing.

“Combining this single skill with your craft makes new worlds explorable, perhaps to compose and arrange, or to learn new instruments, to experiment and to challenge.

“While you may not need to read music to play bass, I hope this series gives you the confidence to take it to the next level.

“To communicate as a musician, and have your peers easily communicate with you, is a gift.”

Paul Booker Author

The books Our Range of Books

The first printed book in the series, available from Amazon now.

Volume II now available.

Bass Dots e-book was our first publication in 2016, and provided much of the material for Volume I in print.

Overview The Immersive Approach

The singular skill of music notation is best learned, as with any language, by a variety of practices, in addition to playing.

  • Reading

    Reading helps us identify the shapes and scanning of written music

  • Listening

    Study of recorded music allows us to focus on rhythm or pitch without having to think about playing.

  • Writing

    From training the movement of a pencil to the familiarity of notational elements.

  • Recording

    Recording our own playing allows us to sit back and analyse our performances.

Updates Latest News

Bass Dots is proudly launching this site to coincide with the successful publication of Volume 1. This print edition has further benefitted from the helpful feedback of our e-book readers.

Bass Dots 1
Available now!

Volume 2 is now available.

Bass Dots 2
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Publication of ebook, October 2016

Bass Dots Ebook
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