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Friendly, easy to read guides for learning to play the bass guitar.

Bass Dots Book 1

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Writing the pulse - Reading the pulse - Note pitch - Note length - Bar length - Counting while playing - Simple time - Fingering - Natural notes - Major scales - Keys, flats, sharps - Minor scales - Intervals - Repeat signs - Arpeggios - Eighths - Sixteenths - Melody for bass - Keeping quiet - Syncopation - Pitch - Ranges - Getting past stumbling blocks

55 exercises
48 illustrations
Compatible with Grades 1 & 2.

Bass Dots Book 2

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Scope - Review exercises - Reading ledgers - Reading intervals - Extended range basses - Fingering - Major scales and arpeggios - Minor scales and arpeggios - Building a chord family - Voicing chords - Circle of Fifths - Compound time - Odd time - Swing Notation - Polyrhythm - Triplets - Tempo notation - Expression - Ottavation - Harmonics - Composing or arranging - Suggested listening -

53 exercises
19 illustrations
Compatible with Grades 3, 4 & 5.

Get Sorted with Bass Dots

Bass Dots strives to clear the confusion often experienced by beginners and intermediate players alike.
Intended for beginners on the instrument, or beginners at reading, or both.

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  • plenty of exercises and detailed illustrations
  • written notation explained in easy steps
  • thoroughly indexed for quick reference
  • all the music designed for clear reading
  • strengthens the connections between the notes you play
  • brings music theory to bass players in plain English
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I am a novice and was recommended this book by a friend. It is great and so easy to understand, I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn the bass guitar.
— Amazon review

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